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Monday, September 10, 2007

Osama bin Makeover has a funny post on the recent Osama video. They think that Osama bin Rhinoplasty'd, Osama bin Browplucked, and Osama bin Restylaned. How funny! What about Osama bin Grecian Formula'd, Osama bin Contour Thread Lifted, and Osama bin G-shotted?

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raincoaster said...

Actually, I think Osama bin Buried and Replaced, but I was wondering about your thoughts on it. Do you really think it's the same guy? The nasal folds are so different, the nose, the looks like a completely different guy in the same outfit.

Anonymous said...

New Osama video seems yet another forgery. Everyone needs Osama alive:
terrorists as symbolic leader and the US Administration - to avoid
scaling down the war on terror.
Obadiah Shoher rightly notes ( ) that
new Osama talks like a leftist university professor. I like Shoher's
analysis. No way a terrorist leader like Osama would use a speechwriter. Osama is famous
for his rhetoric.
Also, in the tape Osama both threatens America with attack (by
"proving" Americans polytheists) and offers (yet another time)
long-term coaching in Islam.
But his dyed beard makes me cautious. Islam's mujahedeen dye their
beards before battle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with raincoaster-the latest Osama looks like a completely different (and younger)person.

Anonymous said...

Not very funny at all (with the whole bin something).

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Anon- lighten up.

Stacy Doolittle said...

Check out Jenna's implants. Why are they so saggy? Stacy In Pasadena

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Stacy - She had her implants removed (or downsized). Check the earlier posts.