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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The World's Largest Breasts and Silly String Implants

Every so often I get an email from a reader with photos of a woman with horribly large breasts. One reader recently sent me a link to Body Philosophy's The World's Largest Breasts article, which can be found here. (Proceed with caution)Most of these women have been implanted with 'string implants,' which are composed of polyprolene strings that apparently expand the longer they are in the breast. They are not currently approved by the FDA, but for a short time were used here in the States for breast augmentation. They often enlarged the breasts to insane sizes, making Pam Anderson look like...well... me. I have never seen these implants nor anyone with them, and hope they are never used again. Plastic surgeons should always remember we are doctors first and plastic surgeons second. We should never to perform a procedure where the risks outweigh the benefits.

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nicola said...

WHY would a woman do that to herself. She can't be sane! OMG.

Anonymous said...

My eyes!! My eyes!!

Seriously, this is gross. Circus boobs are one thing, but this is in a category by itself. Notice how I didn't use the word class in that last phrase? That's because there is nothing classy about this kind of boob distortion. Nothing at all.

What kind of man would be attracted to these besides a 40-y-o virgin living in his parents' basement? Well, enough about my husband's best friend... :-)

Ick. I have to go flush my eyes out with Draino now. Oy ve.


Anonymous said...

What kind of plastic surgeon would do this? Can't imagine that these are real.

Anonymous said...

be a little open minded. You don't like it but there are people that do. Think about that, not even being able to tell the general population that you like that sort of thing for fear of ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know: the first two photos in that collage are actually morphs. If you want to see how large Chelsea really is, go to her website (Google for it).

IMO her boobs are not gross at all. They are extremely attractive. Oh, and from eyewitness accounts, Chelsea Charms is perfectly sane. I don't know why anyone would equate wanting to have the world's record for biggest boobs with insanity. That's not a very nice sentiment.

Anonymous said...

just looked up chelsea charms
her boobs are really fricken huge.
not as big as the first 2 pics but damn close.

Anonymous said...

Could it be digitally manipulated? There a some really good graphic artist out there.

Anonymous said...

I think they are totally wonderful. I would love if I were able to get them for my wife but they have been made illegal, alas we will we will have to standard ones.

Anonymous said...

wow that's just gross it's not even sexy anymore i mean theres a size you should just stop at yuch.

Anonymous said...

This is a free country and if that is what you want to do and take the risk, power to her. They are a little big but im not gonna lie a part of me loves them.