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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Halle Berry - Breast Augmentation?

This photo of Halle Berry has been circulating around the internet and in magazines. Does it show a scar in her armpit from a breast augmentation?

It is definitely possible, however I usually place the scar in a wrinkle crease of the armpit which is perpendicular to the possible scar that we see here. It doesn't make much sense for her surgeon to place the scar in this direction because it would only make it more visible. It's possible that she doesn't have breast implants at all, and the scar is from something completely unrelated. No matter what it is from, one thing is certain. She looks fabulous.

To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed on Fox News, click here.

photo credit: In Case You Didn't Know

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Gorgeous Black Women said...

Infected sweat gland? I remember seeing this as a cautionary tale to those who use anti-perspirants.

Monavie Acai Berry said...

I have heard the same thing about anti-perspirants. Maybe a topic that should be looked into.

dr hainer said...

Tony, I agree that the scar is clearly not for transaxillary breast augmentation. Also too anterior for hidradenitis. May be for some other excisional reason like a lipoma or possibly excision of axillary breast tissue( tail of Spence).

Anonymous said...

She has also spoken publicly about being a diabetic since a responsible Doctor, would this make you less likely to perform elective surgery?

Rafael M. said...

I think it could be a new soutien

Sean Lee said...

Halle Berry is really gorgeous even after her delivery. But this photos is a turn-off. I didn't like seeing that disgusting scar or whatever it is on her armpit.

Selena Gomez Breast said...

Halle is beautiful but I think she got her breast done myself.