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Saturday, May 10, 2008

John McCain and Melanoma

The New York Times has recently jumped on John McCain for his history of melanoma. Apparently, he's had a history of four melanomas removed. Melanoma is a dangerous form of skin cancer, and can metastasize to other organs and cause death. It is because of this that physicians recommend you to see your doctor if a mole displays one of the following signs: Assymetry, border irregularity, various colors, size greater than 6 mm, or changes in the mole.

I've always wondered why the left side of his face looked bloated and droopy. It appears that this was the area where the melanoma was removed. I once took off a big skin cancer off the side of the face in an older gentleman like him, and to close it up gave him a virtual facelift on one side. Too bad insurance didn't pay for me to lift the other side as well. At least he takes photographs good from one side! (Yes, this is a joke.)

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Anonymous said...

Since your patient with skin cancer was already covered by insurance to have the cancer removed by you, and covered whatever anesthesia was needed for that, couldn't that patient have paid out of pocket to have the other side lifted (assuming they could afford to)?

Anonymous said...

how about cindy, would you say shes had some work done? she looks a bit pinched. and hillary, looks pretty good for a woman my age, but it cant all be real can it?

GeneralFstckÆ’^ said...

What is more interesting, in case of the patient not being able to afford a lift on the other side of his face, couldn't you spare a couple of hours of your precious time and do this pro bono? I would guess a lift on only one side of one's face would leave them looking slightly unnatural, if not very.
Money and what people would and would not do for it has always amused me extremely

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Who ever said that he couldn't afford the lift on the other side? And that I wouldn't do it pro bono? In reality, he wasn't in the proper health to go ahead and perform an actual facelift on EITHER side. But had he requested I lift the other side, I would have, and probably for free. What good do YOU do for others, except accuse people of being greedy and uncaring?

Megan said...

I have never understood why the internet is a breeding ground for "anonymous" attacks and insults, but can only guess that it has to do with the "safety" that comes from concealing one's identity. This tendency and how people abuse the cloak of anonymity is something that will NEVER "amuse me extremely."

Anonymous said...

General Schmuck:
"Couldn't you spare a couple of hours..and do this pro bono?" Why should this doctor *give* anything away, just because you think he has more money than his patient, or more than you? His time and efforts are his *property* and he has a right to expect payment for the use of his *property*.
Politicians use wealth envy to keep the caste system in its proper order so that it can be manipulated and controlled for the continued enrichment of the State. I hope Dr. Youn charges you extra, General, if you ever need his services.