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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alex Rodriguez - Do All His Women Have Plastic Surgery?

Do all of pro baseball player A-Rod's women have plastic surgery? A recent article in Make Me says so. Check it out here.

I was interviewed this week by In Touch Weekly magazine regarding Madonna's possible plastic surgery. Check it out in the upcoming issue.

Maybe A-Rod doesn't mind his women having some plastic parts? If that is the case, then maybe his next girlfriend will be Jocelyn Wildenstein!

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Anonymous said...

dr, are there any examples that you are of aware of where cheek implants looks nice and natural. madonnas look extreme and it seems that many other stars who have had them have that same exagerated look.

raincoaster said...

Ooooh, snap!

For a plastic surgeon that is a pretty sharp comment.

Not saying it isn't deserved. Hell, some of these athletes, I think they'd be better served by the Vagina In A Can you can get in Japan.