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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Who Has the Best Breasts in the Biz?

There is a great article on Colin Stewart's In Your Face blog which focuses on In Touch Weekly's Top 10 "Best Breasts" Poll. He analyzes each celebrity and whether or not they have breast implants. It's a nice read, and not just because he quotes me several times. Here's my opinion of whether each person in the top 10 have real or fake breasts.
1. Jessica Simpson - fake
2. Tyra Banks - real
3. Scarlett Johansson - real
4. Carmen Electra - fake
5. Lindsay Lohan - fake... I think.
6. Katherine Heigl - not sure
7. Audrina Patridge - who is she?
8. Jennifer Aniston - real
9. Megan Fox - tough call, but I think I know who may have done her rhinoplasty (good friend of mine)...
10. Beyonce Knowles - fake

For more in-depth analysis, click here for the article.

To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed for Fox News, click here.

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Anne said...

Carmen Electra has openly stated her breasts are fake. As for Audrina, nude pictures leaked and many people believe they are saline implants.

Megan Fox is definitely enhanced if you look at her shape. They are hardened and separated from the rest of her chest.

20minfacelift said...

I guess I would rather have the real ones :) Nice list though!

rose said...

The only person on that list with real breasts is ScarJo. The rest have implants. (Even Jennifer Aniston-- topless sunbathing photos show that, while they are only modest in size, they look bolted to her chest. Kind of inevitable when you have so little body fat.)

Anonymous said...

Tyra Banks has breast implants for sure!

Fruity Ana said...

Not that I've touched them, but I'm pretty sure that Jessica Simposon's breasts are not enhanced. Even when she was much younger, she already had them. Plus, they have a bit of natural sag.

Julie said...

J.Simpsons ta-tas are the real deal. She was a late bloomer. I was flat as a board until I was 19 and then BAM. From a small A to a DD in a year. That fast.
She fluctuates in weight, and considering boobs are big mounds of fat, they're affected as well.
Lucky her.

Anonymous said...

megan fox has real breasts you can tell in the new transformers movie