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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Quick links

I hope you have enjoyed your July 4th holiday weekend. I've had a great time with my wife and kids. Here are a few quick links for you to check out:

1. It looks like Australia has problems with phony plastic surgeons too. Click here.
2. Plastic Surgery Products magazine (of which I am on the Editorial Advisory Board) has a nice editorial about the current state of plastic surgery blogs. Click here.
3. For those of you unfamiliar with MTV's True Life television series, it is a documentary show which follows youths through various turning points in their lives. One recent episode featured two 20 year olds who had multiple plastic surgeries. According to the LA Times:

Yet when Rachael, her nose bandaged from the latest operation, softly said, "Hopefully I'll have the confidence to maybe complete the other goals in my life now, like being in Playboy and maybe finding a boyfriend," the show revealed the pathos lurking inside her synthetic nose-jobbed and implanted shell.

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Shaun Industry said...

"1. It looks like Australia has problems with phony plastic surgeons too. Click here."

Aussies aren't the end either... The Irish, who have a booming cosmetic surgery industry, have had numerous calls for better regulation. A recent Daily Mirror survey reported that 100% of all clinics surveyed believed there was a need for more regulation and 75% specialized in correcting botched procedures.

Laura said...

I have a question: Is the new requirement for older women to be at least partially fake to be considered attractive these days? I just saw a woman "of a certain age" standing in line ahead of me. Her hair, lips, tan, nails, breasts and butt were obviously fake. She looked to have had some Botox on/in her forehead too. The waiters, cooks and busboys at this restaurant were falling all over themselves to be near her. To me, she looked FAKE, just like all her parts. Is fake the new standard? I'm a reasonably attractive, natural 50 year old woman who normally can get the time of day from waiters and busboys, but not that day!