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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker - What's the Big Deal?

For some reason, the removal of Sarah Jessica Parker's chin mole has actually made news. Apparently she showed up to Yankee stadium without a nevus on her chin and the media has made a big deal out of it.

Ho hum, I take moles off all the time. Usually insurance actually pays for it, although not very much. Moles are rarely cancerous. Check out my post on John McCain if you want to know how to spot a dangerous mole. However, if you have any concern about a mole, have your dermatologist or plastic surgeon take a peek at it.

This would be bigger news if it was Cindy Crawford's signature mole.

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Anonymous said...

HI Dr Youn!
forget about the mole! don't you think the tip of her nose looks smaller?
I would be interested in your opinion on that!

cheers jonno

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I doubt it. I would think that she would have the bump taken off too, if that was the case.

Fruity Ana said...

Her nose does look smaller, maybe it's just the way we're viewing it. I say go without the mole. They are so distractive :)