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Friday, August 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Breast Augmentation Tape

Various news agencies are reporting that the cosmetic surgeon who taped the late Anna Nicole Smith's breast augmentation surgery is attempting to sell the tape to a memorabilia dealer. A judge issued a temporary restraining order against the release of the 1994 tape at the request of Howard K. Stern. The surgeon stated that he routinely records surgeries with the patient's permission and promised to keep the video confidential "during the patient's lifetime."

I routinely take before and after photos of surgery patients, and only use the photos with their consent. I can't fathom a physician trying to use this tragedy to make money. It's a shame.

Story credit: yahoo news
Photo credit: PR

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rose said...

And *I* can't fathom a physician wishing to attach his name to such a crappy outcome-- those were some wonky, scary breasts she was walking around with.

Anonymous said...

It seems that everyone surrounding ANS--including the Playmate herself--was (and is) so fame and money hungry that good taste and decency are a distant memory.

how to whiten teeth said...

So sad, even in death people are just using her for their own personal gain.