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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grim Reaper Cat!

This is a story from last week which I found really interesting. There is a cat in Rhode Island which lives in a nursing home and can predict when a patient will die. Apparently, when a person is within four hours of passing on, Oscar the Grim Reaper Cat cuddles up next to them. This harbinger of death has been correct an amazing 25 times. Check out the link below for the article. Creepy!

On an even more interesting note, my dog Theodore seems to be able to sense from anywhere in the house whenever I take ice cream out of the fridge....

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Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm, what is his agenda. is he like a vulture? ick

LindaMZard said...

That is a little creepy but I hope the kitty makes the person happy before passing on.

Now, my iguana Paco (seen in the picture) knows when pizza has been ordered. He runs over to harass his mom for a piece and he will eat the whole slice, except for the crust.

4dbirds said...

Perhaps the kitty is waiting for a meal?

FLGIRL said...


You have a great sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Well it has been proven that dogs can smell when a mole is cancerous, so this isn't that far off.

fitline said...

wow that kitty is so cute i surely want to have one.

emily said...

The article I read said the kitty was a great comfort to the dying. He jumps up on their bed and snuggles with them for a while, then right before or right after they pass he jumps down and strolls away. I think it's cool, and he looks like he'd be fun to pet!

Lisa said...

My grandmother had two cats, and they cuddled next to her while she died in her bed at home. After she had passed, they left her. I think having them physically touching her was a great comfort to her, and I think this cat is trying to do the same thing. Nothing creepy about it.