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Friday, August 31, 2007

Quick Hits

1. A disturbing study found longer wait times to see their dermatologist for patients with potentially cancerous moles (26 days) than for Botox (8 days). Link from

2. Reality TV star claims Lipodissolve worked for her. Link from

3. Have you had gastric bypass and want to be on TV? A prominent national television show asked me to help them locate people who've had problems with their relationships after gastric bypass surgery. Email me at if you're interested for details.

4. Finally:

From Dr.Wes's blog.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. The wait time sucks, for sure. I had a dermatologist schedule me for a one year f/u body check after my second dysplastic nevi and when she walked in she says "why are you here?" When I told her, she looked at the most recent bx site and proceeded to move on to the Botox I was inquiring about. :p

2. Does the newer "noninvasive" version of therapy actually work? Checking the official website, it says diet changes are involved... is that all it's about??? What a joke! Giving up carbonated beverages does wonders for me, alone!

3. How about rhinoplasty? Mine sucks but I'm more afraid of a revision now. THIS sucks.