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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Madonna - Breast Implants?

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly has an article which examines whether Madonna may have had a breast augmentation. Click the photo to the right if you'd like to read the article and my comments. Thanks to In Touch Weekly for including me in their story.

To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed on Fox News, click here.

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Linda C. Modica said...

I wonder if she got a breast lift instead? They do look very perky for a woman of her age, being bra-less and probably breast feeding both children.

Joshua said...

If Madonna got breast implants everytime the tabloids said she had, she would get them about twice a year...Very unlikely.

As an admirer of her breasts for years (the best in hollywood), all one has to do is look at previous years to know that she has not had breast implants or a lift. She has a natural full b small c cup. but, she is lucky because she has a very central cleavage and very round breasts. Even nude shots where she is unsupported, she has a central cleavage.

Because her boobs are very round (and do not extent out very far), she can look rather small when covered or volumptuous, depending upon her bra, visible cleave, etc.

Next week, a picture will surface with her looking rather flat-chested again, and the following week another picture, where she will have "gotten implants."

This is just not likely.

Joshua said...

Look at this picture...Huge boobs. Now, imagine that same chest with a crew neck on...They are very round, but not full outwardly, and she could look flat...