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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dr. Youn interview on Love to Know Celebrity Edition

The nice site has posted an interview with me on their site. I don't often put a lot of personal information on my blog, but there is a little more here if you may be interested. Thanks to for the very nice writeup.

Thanks for reading.
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Anthony Youn, M.D.


Anonymous said...

Very nice interview about a very nice plastic surgeon-you! I'm saving my nickels and dimes so that when I lose all of the fat, I can have you do my tummy tuck and breast reduction.

Anonymous said...

Dr Youn-be careful,the worst thing that happens to plastic surgeons like yourself is that they start believing their own propaganda. Pretty soon your head won't fit through the doorway.As for Dr 90210, there honestly are only a few really credible docs on that show,the rest are highly suspicious at best.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a wonderful interview! I love Trent and Pink Is the New Blog, too. I think that's how I found this one.

Again, great job and great interview.

name withheld said...

Anonymous #1 -- be careful before you make a decision on what kind of plastic surgeon Dr. Youn is. People who know him in real life (as opposed to this blog, which he does for entertainment and even a bit of education) know that he's in no danger of becoming arrogant or "believing his own propaganda," as you say. Patients of his know that he's a genuinely down-to-earth person who happens to possess phenomenal skills as a surgeon. Fortunately, he not only refrains from believing the "hype," he also knows well enough not to believe his critics.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the nice (and not so nice) comments. A couple comments of my own:
1. Hype? What hype? Like most people I go home every day, take off the suit, put on the T-shirt and sweats, and play on the floor with my son.
2. Yes, my head is physically big, but I don't worry about banging it into the doorjam. My feet are normal size, and yes, what you hear about Asian men may actually be true (but not in my case?)
3. I caution people about making generalizations about the plastic surgeons on Dr. 90210. I am good friends with Dr. Ellenbogen, Motykie, Diaz, Svehlak, and Yamini, and they are all well-trained, well-respected surgeons. I have met many of the other surgeons such as Dr. Rey and Dr. Alter, and believe them to be good people and good physicians. Dr. Li has a sterling reputation and I have seen some excellent results of Dr. Diamond's work. That doesn't leave a whole lot of others to question. Well, I must admit that Dr. Will Kerby seems pretty cheesy, but harmless.

Anonymous said...

Very nice interview on a really nice site! Thanks for the link.