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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Ugly Road to Beauty

I originally posted on this a year ago, but I think it's fascinating enough to post it again. MSNBC has a great article on a person who travels to Mexico to have plastic surgery performed, bargain basement style. The article tells about a fly buzzing around the operating room while a facelift is being performed, receiving a 'D' cup size when a 'B' was asked for, and the person running the place telling the patient, "You're going to have some hooters!"
There is also an accompanying slide show which is fascinating as well.

One major thing to consider if you are thinking about traveling out of the States for plastic surgery: Who pays for complications? Your health insurance likely won't.
In addition to emphasizing the dangers of traveling for plastic surgery, it also places a spotlight on accreditation. If you consider having plastic surgery in an out-of-hospital setting, make sure the place is accredited by a respected organization, such as AAAHC or AAAASF. I've heard scary stories of unaccredited facilities, even here in Michigan.

MSNBC Article: click here
Slide show: click here

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Anonymous said...

The truly scary thing is that she said she was going back to the clinic for more surgery & was happy with those awful results!

LindaMZard said...

Bride of Frakenstein! Awful!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if plastic/cosmetic surgeons weren't so greedy for greenbacks, we'd be able to have our surgeries done here. I consulted regarding a tummy tuck and the price range was astounding.

Celebrities can pay outrageous prices. Working people who desire improvement in their appearance cannot.

Not everyone lives in Beverly Hills and it's time for some sanity in plastic surgery pricing.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear the doctor's take on the pricing comment. Medical procedures in general are expensive, but I never imagined comestic surgery being more expensive. Is this a fact? It certainly requires the same level of skills as other type surgery, so I don't see why it would be less expensive just because "regular" people want to have it.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the interesting comments. Plastic surgery pricing is a dicey issue. Because it is elective, and not regulated by insurance companies, physicians can charge whatever they want (or the market will bear) for the procedures. It becomes part of the free market system, like Lasik, cosmetic dentistry, or any other professional service. Some things to keep in mind are the fact that the most well-known plastic surgeons in big-shot areas (such as Beverly Hills)charge a lot more for surgery than a local, not-well-known plastic surgeon. Are they worth the money? That depends on a lot of factors. This type of pricing system applies to many other professions as well, a notable one being attorneys. Some of the biggest name attorneys can be extremely expensive to hire, as compared to a small town one.
Anyways, the control that cosmetic plastic surgeons have over what they charge is the main reason why we are seeing unprecedented numbers of non-plastic surgeons (ER docs, OB Gyns, etc.) masquerading as plastic surgeons to make more money. They are then no longer 'forced' to take what insurance companies give them. Finally, the fees that a person pays for their surgery do not all end up in a surgeon's pocket. It's often quite the opposite. Usually a third of what is paid goes to the operating room facility and the anesthesiologist. Of the two-thirds that is left, most plastic surgeons pay upwards of 60-70% of this for overhead expenses (rent, employees, insurance, supplies, etc.). Most plastic surgeons are making a nice living, don't get me wrong, but maybe not as much as it may seem.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's their fault for being so STUPID as to go to MEXICO for plastic SURGERY. Yeah, what did they expect??? *ROLLS EYES*

Yeah, if I were to have a serious, invasive procedure done, I'd want the cheapest possible price, at enormous cost to my body! You get what you pay for.

That's just a result of being STUPID. Where's the surgery to fix a brain?