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Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Stars Under 40 Who've Had Way Too Much Plastic Surgery

The Frisky has a post on 10 stars under 40 who've had way too much plastic surgery. #1 is, you guessed it, that annoying frozen faced Heidi Montag. She really does look pretty freaky. I don't agree with everyone on the list, such as Megan Fox (gorgeous!) or Ashlee Simpson (does anyone think she looked better before her nose job?).

Is there anyone you would add to the list?

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V.M.L. said...

Ashlee Simpson turned into another Hollywood Barbie after her nose job, which I didn't like. Also, the chin implant was pointless.

Anonymous said...

Not a star, but reality TV participant Alexis Bellino is only 33 but has had too much plastic surgery.

Chin implant. Brow lift. Facial fillers. Botox. Lip injections.
Possible cheek implants. Breast implants.

She has stated her intention on her Bravo Blog to have a rhinoplasty next.

This would be a mistake, imo, and she would just have a generic look, like Heidi Montag, instead of having at least one feature left that contributes to her personal signature.

Christine said...

I agree with you. Ashlee's nose looks great and I think she stopped there. Some people say she had her chin done, but she's always had a prominent chin. Megan looks great as well.

I don't know if the rest of them have necessarily TOO much surgery. I think they've had the wrong surgery or terrible results.

Tori Spelling is a good example. I'm sure she would have looked better with a new nose and implants, but the ones she got leave a lot to be desired.

raincoaster said...

I have to say that Megan Fox looks too plastic for me. That's not to say she doesn't look beautiful, but she looks artificial, as if she wakes up every morning looking like an overgrown Puggle and spends six hours carefully gluing her face mask on.

Sandra Bullock is much older, but her look is much more natural. In fact, Sandra Bullock's face is probably the most persuasive thing I've seen in favour of cosmetic procedures, because it simply doesn't look like she's had anything done; just forgot to age since about 32.

bary said...

She looks great whether she had a surgeon or not

bufflo said...

Some strange selections there. Hmm what about Lindsay "20 is the new 50" Lohan?

DARIAN ZAM said...

I think Ashlee Simpson looks "better" now (whatever that means), but I *liked* her better before the surgery and certainly she had a more individual look.

Anonymous said...

The Frisky blogger forgot Jayde Nicole, who looks like a plastic alien doll.

I think Megan Fox looks nice but I wish her surgeon hadn't trimmed her nose so much.