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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beauty Junkies:

I've been reading this very interesting book by Alex Kuczynski, called Beauty Junkies: Inside our $15 Billion Obsession with Cosmetic Surgery. I'm about halfway through, and have really enjoyed it so far. The writer is a 30-something woman who explores the past, present, and future of cosmetic plastic surgery. So far she has followed a woman on a surgical safari in Africa, chronicled the history of plastic surgery from World War I to today, explored the boom in non-plastic surgeons performing plastic surgery with its sometimes terrifying results, and detailed how the definition of beauty may (or may not) have changed over hundreds of years.

It's a fascinating read for anyone interested in plastic surgery and beauty in general. And no, I'm not one of the many esteemed plastic surgeons quoted in the book.

Thanks for reading.
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Anthony Youn, M.D.


raincoaster said...

Actually, I believe the author is a 40-something woman who hasn't quite come to terms with that. Gawker did some pointed reporting on her a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

check out Cameron Diaz pic -- is that a tummy tuck scar???