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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Julie Bowen - Breast Implants?

Has Modern Family's Julie Bowen had a breast augmentation? By the look of this photo, it appears definitely possible. I remember once reading a magazine article that mentioned her as one of the relatively few Hollywood starlets with smallish breasts. They don't look so small here. If she has implants, they do fit her body well and are not excessively large.

I really like Julie Bowen. I thought she was amazing in Ed. In fact, Ed is probably my favorite show of all time. I was really bummed out when that fine show went off the air a few years ago. There just aren't many funny, feel-good shows like that still around. I miss Ed. I hate hate hate detective dramas!

My favorite TV shows of all time:
1. Ed
2. Seinfeld
3. Lost
4. Survivor
5. The Rachael Ray Show and Dr. 90210 (for obvious reasons)

To view streaming video of a local NBC segment I did on 3D breast augmentation imaging, click here.

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LJ said...

Uncool to just go on speculation on this one - especially when she just gave birth a few months ago. Can't new moms get a break?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?! They are bolted on and look ridiculous.

Your Receptionist said...

Holy smokes! Carol Vessey certainly didn't have those when she was teaching English at Stuckeyville High!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of breast imlants, what do you think about this "platelet injection fat transfer (PIFT)" procedure? I've only seen one article on it here:

Is it done in the U.S. Is it permanent?

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

They look like implants to me...she should have sprayed some tan on them to make them match the rest of her :)

Anonymous said...

awful breast augmentation

Amanda from Michigan said...

She's had three babies in the last two years, plus she's standing funny. If there are no implants, I bet there's some tape involved.

Anonymous said...

Julie Bowen is BREASTFEEDING! As any women who had BF her children you know your boobs blow up in size. There were many days I was sporting pam anderson size boobs.

Anonymous said...

watch the full episode for free at you idiots. they are implants and horrible ones at that. SPECIFICALLY THE ADULT PULL SCENE when her daughter calls to them and julie says the line "WHAT FRIENDS" stop trying to use the "she had 3 babies" excuse, shes a damn skeleton with bad implants..nuff said

Anonymous said...

post me already look at the scene in hawaii when her and phil are in the adult pool. she says WHAT KIDS look at the fake suckers ewwwww