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Monday, March 01, 2010

Megan Fox - Nose Job?

Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery? We'd like to think that beauty like hers is so amazing that it must be at least somewhat artificial! The photos above are of Megan Fox today and from high school (courtesy of Some allege that she's had a nose job. I'd have to agree. Her nose appears to now be a bit thinner, likely from a very well-performed rhinoplasty.
One thing I realized during my time as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is that more actors and actresses than we realize have had a rhinoplasty. Julia Roberts? Michelle Pfeiffer? Ryan Seacrest? Yup. Think so.
Rhinoplasty or not, Megan Fox is stunning.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic nose job, and could she have had something done to open up her eyes a little bit? Whatever, the facial surgery is fantastic, she looks great. She has obvious breast work I believe.

Christine said...

You can really see the before clearly in these photos:

The surgeon did a good job, I think. Not so much with Michelle Pfeiffer. I love her, but that's a really old fashioned looked nose job.

erik said...

From the two pictures it doesn't look like Megan have had any nose job, or anything else. The nose exactly the same shame in both pictures. The difference is the smile and angle. A smile makes the nostrils a bit wider.

Eileen said...

She has had 2 or 3 nose jobs since 2004. He lips plumped, and it looks like she's changed the shape of her face and maybe had cheek implants as well as her jaw line shaved. She has also had her teeth filed so they are all in line. It's pretty shocking once you realize how much she has actually had done in the past 2 and a half years.





2007 (before):


2007 (after):



Eileen said...

oops, I see for 2008 I reposted one of 2007's links.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know if she's had a non surgical nose job or a normal one ? Thank you for your help

Your Shadow Self said...

Here is another photo of Megan's (lovely) nose, pre-rhinoplasty, in 2003: