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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dr. Richard Hainer - Rochester, Michigan Plastic Surgeon

Every so often I post on a plastic surgeon whom I know and can vouch for. In the past, I've posted on such surgeons as Dr. Terry Higgins and Dr. Steven Svehlak, both great friends of mine and fantastic plastic surgeons. Dr. Richard Hainer is also a part of that group.

When I arrived back to Michigan from L.A., Dr. Hainer was one of the only plastic surgeons who welcomed me to the area. Even with the competitive cosmetic surgery climate he took it upon himself to offer me whatever assistance he could provide. I have come to know him as a fine surgeon and a good friend. In fact, we often exchange information on the latest techniques in plastic surgery and how we can improve our surgical results. One surgery which he described to me is the Hybrid Breast Lift/Reduction, which combines traditional U.S. techniques with European techniques for a nicer breast shape. I've found that this technique has significantly improved my own breast lift results. Unlike myself, he also performs reconstructive breast surgery, labiaplasty, and hand surgery, all with an eye for detail and achieving optimal results. I don't vouch for a lot of surgeons, but Dr. Hainer is one I do vouch for. His office is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, just a handful of miles from mine.

For his website click here, for his blog click here.

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Dr. V said...

Great post Dr. Yoon. It's a shame that more plastic surgeons don't stick together like that and show support for each other. The world would be a much better place to live if everyone had that attitude! Integrity is totally UNDERrated and undervalued today. Kudos to you!