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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who's Getting Breast Implants? And the Portrait 3D by Axis Three

Last night I was featured in a segment on the local NBC affiliate Channel 4 WDIV in a segment titled Who's Getting Breast Implants? In the segment we meet a patient of mine and you can even see how we've been using the Portrait 3D by Axis Three to help the patients decide what size breast implant to use. To view the streaming video, click here.

Thanks to Sarah Mayberry and Dr. Frank McGeorge for a great segment.

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Anthony Youn, M.D.


mk said...

I have a sort-of relevant question: what is your process to figure out the appropriate cup size when reducing breasts?

I had a breast reduction a few years ago, and my doctor just looked at me and told me the cup size he thought was right. Do you use more advanced techniques?

Keep up the great work!

Dr. Tony Youn said...

It's tough to specifically determine the correct amount of tissue to remove from a breast. There was a recent study that figured this out and made it a scientific equation, but everyone is different and wants different things. It's much easier to choose how big to go, than how small to go.